Our current hours are Mon - Fri 10am to 6pm. Sat 11am to 5pm Sun 11am to 5pm
Our story Newberry Candy started back in the 70’s when Diana Newberry was a single mother of two children. One year money was really tight around the holidays. So she decided to make candy as gifts to help the dollar stretch. Specifically Toffee and Fudge. It was a huge hit. Eventually times got better and everyone was happy. But they still wanted the candy. So began the tradition of Diane making candy for the holidays. Years ago Diane stopped making the candy. But John continued to make it for friends, family and Mom. John used Diane’s cook books with all her notes in it and the occasional panicked phone call to make an assortment of candy. Eventually people began to ask John to make the candy for them. After many years John decided to open up a candy kitchen in Thousand Oaks. The idea was to keep it simple with a basic kitchen and a retail counter in the front. John found a location on Thousand Oaks Blvd. and began the process. The process took a lot longer than anyone expected. But with the help and support of countless friends and family Newberry Candy finally opened its doors on December 11th 2016. Unfortunately Diane passed away two months before we opened. But she got to see the blue prints, pictures of the construction, the logo and even the store sign. She was more than thrilled that the world was going to get to have her candy. Newberry Candy is a rustic candy kitchen. John calls it mama cook’n. You will be hard pressed to find a perfectly shaped piece of candy as everything is hand made. Newberry Candy is known for their Toffee. It was the first candy Diane made. One try and you will understand why they sell more toffee than everything else combined. They also offer other items like fudges, dipped nuts, caramels, pecan turtles, candied orange peels, caramel apples of all sorts and anything that John decides to whip up. They even do frozen bananas, chocolate dipped jalapenos and chocolate dipped strawberries.