Due to high shipping cost and other issues we are discontinuing the candy club for now. We will return with a better program sometime in the future.

All current subscribers will continue to receive their candy as you normally do.

Newberry Candy club! 12 months for $34.99 a month. Billed monthly.

Who loves chocolate?!?!?

Most candy of the month subscriptions give you mostly hard candy, gummies or a bunch of crummy samples. But hey we want chocolate!

Every month we will select a different mix of candy to ship directly to your door. From Toffee to caramel corn to chocolate dipped nuts and caramels.

Here are a few examples of what we send out .

Imaging getting a full size package of toffee, chocolate dipped pretzel rods and chocolate covered caramels. Or a full size bag of caramel corn, a giant peanut butter cream cup and chocolate dipped nuts. Or a full size package of chocolate fudge, chocolate dipped Oreo’s, and marshmallow caramels. The selection changes every month so you get an awesome surprise of CHOCOLATE! And the $34.99 includes shipping! Below are just some of the items you could get in a box! Note: Each box contains about 3 items each month.