Have your special event at Newberry Candy!

Email [email protected] for complete details and availability.

Please note: We cannot do in store events around holidays or from Oct to Dec due to increased production.

We offer a few different options for events at Newberry Candy.

A caramel apple making party for kids! 

  • Great for birthday parties or play group activities!
  • One hour event $25.00 per child. Minimum 6 people required. The minimum age is 5yr.

Caramel apple making for adults.

  • Perfect for a night out. You can even bring your own food and beverages.
  • One hour event $25.00 per person. Minimum 6 people required.

Chocolate dipped party.

  • Come in and learn a little about chocolate and dip cookies, marshmallows, pecan turtles and make a candy bar.
  • One hour event $25.00 per person. Minimum 6 people required. The minimum age is 5yr.

A caramel apple and chocolate dipping event.

  • You can add the chocolate dipping event to your caramel apple event and make it a 1.5 hour event for $12.00 extra per person ($37.00 total per person for the 1.5 hour event).

We offer a chocolate dipping event that satisfies the requirements for the Girl Scout candy making badge.

  • In addition to the chocolate dipping we talk about how chocolate works and do a chocolate tasting.
  • One hour event $25.00 per person. Minimum 6 people required.

Email [email protected] for complete details and availability.


Q: Can we bring food?

A: Yes as long as we make arrangements prior to the event and the event is before or after hours. Keep in mind that there is never enough time for food using our basic package. But if you wish to book and extra hour or two for your event you can. The cost is $40.00 total for each additional ½ hour.

Q: What is the maximum number of people?

A: It depends on the event, day and time of the event and the age of the people attending. For a group of kids 20 would be the limit. But we can make special arrangements for larger groups of kids. Let us know and we can work something out. For adults it’s about 12.

Q: If I book an additional 2 hours for food/cake and we are done with in 1 hour can I get a refund for the unused hour?

A: We book labor for your event and block out bookings for other parties, so unfortunately no.

Q: If we book an event for 10 people and only 9 show up, will we still need to pay for the 10th person?

A: For the same reasons as the question above. But hey… have someone make two apples instead or I can make an extra one for you.

Q: If we bring in food, how well that be set up.

A: You can bring in food or have food delivered. We normally put a table cloth on the front candy counter and make that the buffet table. Please remember that if you are bringing food we need to know ahead of time. And that the standard time provided for each package (either the 1 hour normal or the 1.5 hour for both) is not enough time to accommodate the candy and or apple activities and food. So additional time should be scheduled ahead of time.

Q: If we bring food, do you provide plates and silverware?

A: No. Your caterer should provide those or you will need to bring them yourself. But if you need something like a serving spoon that was forgotten by the caterer, odds are we will have something that will work.

Q: What is the minimum number of people?

A: 6.