Fundraising opportunities

Sunday FUND-day!

.An easy way to quickly raise funds for your group!


  • The group selects a period of time on a Sunday. For example Sunday between 10am and 1pm.
  • The group invites friends and family to come down to Newberry Candy and buy a caramel apple, frozen banana or any of the other items we have.
  • The group can also invite friends and family from across the country to shop on line at during that time.
  • The group will receive a percentage of all sales during that time, including online sales. The percentage will be between 10% and 25% depending on the amount sold.
  • Members of the group should be at Newberry Candy during the event to greet the guests coming to support your group and to create excitement.

Pros about using this type of process

  1. The group doesn’t need to put in any upfront funds like they do when the sell candy bars.
  2. Set up is quick. You could be raising funds in as little as two weeks!
  3. Set up is simple. Just set up a day, print out some fliers, post on social media, tell friends/family and go.
  4. Two or three hour time commitment is all that is needed from the group on the day of the event.
  5. If everyone in the groups gets one or two people to come out and spend around $20.00 your group could easily raise $250.00 or more in a couple hours. Then set up another fundraising event the next month and do it again.

Email with any questions or to set your fundraiser Sunday FUND-day up today!