Sugar free milk chocolate peanut box


Cashews dipped in a sugar free dark chocolate. So good… how can this be sugar free?


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NEW Larger package!

Peanuts dipped in a sugar free milk chocolate in clusters. So good… how can this be sugar free? 12pc box.


We didn’t carry sugar free chocolate for a long time. That was until I found a sugar free chocolate me mom would have liked.


Sugar free Milk chocolate Peanuts: Ingredients: Peanuts, Salt, SUGAR FREE MILK CHOCOLATE (MALTITOL, CHOCOLATE LIQUOR, COCOA BUTTER, MILK AND WHEY PROTIENS, INULIN, POLYDEXTROSE, MILK FAT (BUTTER), SOY LECITHIN, PURE VANILLA AND VANILLIN) Manufactured at Newberry Candy 3130 East Thousand Oaks Blvd. #102. Thousand Oaks CA 91362


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